Love Club February 2013

Time for one of my favorite boxes, the Love Club!!

20130224-162915.jpg I bought myself an additional 3 month gift subscription to get duplicate boxes for 3 months, so in this post I’ll show what I got in both since there was a variation!

Here’s a peek 😃


I’m still sad they might end Love Club, I truly hope the buyer keeps it going! I would imagine that’s why they bought it but I am hopeful.


I do miss the list of items and shops they came from since not all items come with the information. I got this print that says “I love everything about you” cute! I plan on putting this in a picture frame as a positive statement decoration.


These fun and brightly patterned earrings I gifted to my mom since it matches her and she loved it!

From Lovestruck, and taped with cute tape!! They’re also nickel free. I couldn’t find the store information or website when I did a search. :/

I love this lace stretchy headband! From Just lovely things 😃

It’s so pretty, I love the color too!

This beautiful set of paper note sheets are absolutely breathtaking and there are different patterns!

From Fawn and Flora, these will be wonderful as a gift tag for gift baskets.

I can always use a good lip balm, and this fits the bill. From Kustom Kissers, looks like they customize the label. That’s a cute concept!

It has a nice rich feeling on the lips, and moisturizes very well.

I loved the box just like I always do and was super ecstatic once I saw my dad carrying these boxes over to me, shortly after the mailman came by. My dad is very sweet, I know. 😃

Time for box #2…

Looks similar right?

I did get a duplicate print of the “I love everything about you” which is fine by me because I gave it to my mom since it now has significant meaning.


Another lovely lace headband, and my mom loved mine so much, so I thought itt’d be nice to gift it to her. Besides the color is her color, taupe! Her smile made it all worth it 😃


I definitely can’t complain about getting another good lip balm.


I truly do enjoy getting these random event cards because I find a need for them quite a bit with our friends! Love this good luck card! There is almost always an occasion where someone needs some good luck and a little thoughtful card. This was what I got in place of the Fawn and Flora paper I think.

It even has a bright and fun orange envelope to brighten someones day!


In both boxes I got these business cards inside a cute paper bag with patterned tape 😃

…and this one to


Thanks and talk to you soon!

(I’ve discovered juicing while with my parents and am LOVING it!!

Try it, it’s amazing 😃


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