Ipsy Glambag February 2013

Hurray! Time for my Ipsy glambag!!! Definitely a top favorite 😃

Pretty pink metallic mailer! Yay!

Red carpet ready was the theme. Big surprise haha jk


I’ll update with codes once I get my email.

Check out the sexy black pleather looking cosmetic bag!

It’s got a fitting bold red interior and packed with fun!


Beginning with these lash cards. Not sure if I’ll ever use these? I don’t usually have problems with mascara on me and if I do, I don’t use waterproof mascara so it’s easy to fix or remove.


It’s a cute exclusive deluxe sample size for Ipsy!

Pixi Flawless & Poreless face primer I haven’t tried yet but will look at the ingredients first and make sure there’s nothing too crazy.


There are a few alcohol ingredients that worry me. This is a deluxe sample size as well.

Pop beauty’s mascara deluxe sample.

Can’t wait to try this! I can always use a good mascara. Paired with a good lash conditioner of course 😃

This sample eye shadow mini quad palette from Coastal Scents is not only adorable, but very wearable!

I plan on playing with the metallics and white mostly, and using the black as a shadow liner under the eye and to help set certain eyeliners. Can’t wait! 😃 these are my shades I received!


I saved this gem for last! A nice black gel eyeliner from Mica Cosmetics!

It looks like a deluxe sample pot but I’m not sure? It’s a good sized amount though!

I enjoyed going through everything and loved the cosmetic bag color combo!

This bag didn’t thrill me as much as it normally does but the eyeliner was a real treat! Have a fun filled day!

UPDATE- I’ve recently received my discount codes! Hurray!



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