Craftistas February Kit 2013

Time for my craft subscription kit from Craftistas!

Lovely instructions on the inner lid flap!
Ooh! 😃 this will make a great decoration piece for our Nebraska house!

Let’s get to the kit and what’s included!


My first monthly kit technically! Lol I didn’t get last months kit because of a hiccup and my name got removed somehow on their mailer list? I hope it doesn’t happen again, it was a real bummer! I like that they actually included everything I need in this box.


Starting with the main hay textured wreath that was very pokey at first lol

There is also a link to their blog on their website, with pictures and tutorial on ideas and how to put the kit together.

Next is some red and hay color square cuts of burlap to make hearts or othwr shapes, a red ribbon to hang the wreath, and red stitched style ribbon for a bow!


Ribbon to wrap the wreath and make it all soft and fuzzy!

I’m no yarn expert but it feels like a good quality yarn, and is 50% wool! Too bad I’m not making a scarf or something, not that I know how to 😔 haha

Also some longer pieces of red and hay color burlap to make rosettes.

And a wooden flat stick is inside to cut and make scrabble looking mini pieces for the wreath to write love notes or something romantic!

Of course the letters stickers for the scrabble pieces!


I wrapped my wreath!

And here’s how I decorated mine! 😃

A nice quote from one of Beethovens love letters.


It was really fun and relaxing making this kit! I can see why people knit as a hobby, and would probably be interested in learning later on. If you are interested in becoming a craftista, please be sure to mention Dorene Ramirez sent you! Have fun being creative with everything! Sending creative energy to you from us!

He’s always ready to play lol


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