Dream Envy – Heavenly beach jewelry🎀

Remember I said I’d be doing a post about a valentines jewelry bundle my mother and I are having custom made from Dawn who makes these lovelies and owns Dream Envy, your soon to be new obsession if you love anything island-y, Hawaiian, boutique handmade jewelry, or unique stuff that hardly any one else has! Enter Dream Envy…


Dream Envy is run by Dawn and she makes boutique style hawaiian seashell jewelry so you can have a piece of the ocean and beautiful beaches of Hawaii with you! Her pieces are incredibly affordable as well, and she creates custom jewelry at surprisingly low prices so be sure to check out her shop on facebook!

For Valentines day, I wanted to do something special for my mom while I am here visiting and we’re each others Valentines! She’s a lucky lady, she has two Valentines, her daughter and her husband! 😃 I had custom swarovski bracelets that her and I worked together to create and Dawn had some wonderful ideas to add. This was what we came up with!

(Photo above compliments of Dawn-Dream Envy)

The red bracelets my mother and I created together, has two pink crystal beads at the bottom to represent me and her. It also has white sea glass as the main beauty, with black tahitian pearl spacers. the two pink crystals was Dawn’s idea and a very creative, simple yet meaningful addition!


The second bracelet of our set, I wanted a seashell. We trusted Dawn to create it to compliment the one we designed. She chose the cone shell and we trusted her to create a bracelet that will compliment our red ones.

If you take a look at her Facebook link there are quite a few beach boutique style beauties to help you get an idea of how you want to customize something or even have her re create.

She also placed the two pink crystals on the clear bracelet of course 😃 since they’ll be worn together. ❤ Such a special set!!! Here is a photo of it in person, so pretty! All these photos don’t do the jewelry and shells justice, they are so much more breathtaking in person, sigh 😃 I’m in beach heaven. Makes me miss family in Hawaii and living by the beach in Monterey!

My mom and I are very excited about these, we are wearing the clear bracelets (photo of mine above) as a early Valentines gift, and saving the red for unwrapping the day of! Hers pictured below.

The shells are so similar!

The other champagne crystal bracelet, with not-your-mainland(Cali)-kind puka shells, is one that my mom had made. These puka shells are significantly bigger than mainland pukas, and have adorable polka dots!

One of my favorite deep sea treasures…a new found love for sunrise seashells that Dawn’s husband dives for and are authentically found locally in Hawaii!! I’ve never seen such vibrant colors and tropical colors on shells like these have.

Photo below provided by Dawn of our sunrise seashell matching necklaces!


I chose this shell of the two shells she had, because it reminds me of pink lemonade on a seashell lol the coloring anyway! It is a long necklace, I will show it being worn with my bracelet and earrings toward the end! Has a dainty sterling silver chain with a hand hammered heart, hand made wiring details…(my necklace below)


Here is my moms sunny necklace! Hers has a lovely brighter tropical color tone to it which matches her perfectly! The shell is also slightly smoother in texture. Seashells are God’s gifts on earth. My moms below…😃


Dawn really adds in the little details that are missing from many hand made boutiques. I shop on Etsy and they had sunrise shell necklaces for well over $100, in some cases almost $200 and it was a plain sunrise shell turned into a pendant, placed on an ugly thick fake silver chain so it’ll tarnish quickly. What’s the point?? If I’m going to spend that much shouldn’t it at least be a real metal..?? That’s how I feel anyways. These shells do run a bit higher since they are a more rare shell to find, which also makes it even more of a gem 😉 her necklaces can run as low as $50 and can range to about $100 ish on a real gold chain which looks beautiful with the sunnies.

I also got these earrings as a gift from my mom!! I love them so much!!

These have White Sea glass, drupe shells, and a heart and star! Soo cute!
And these long dangle bumble bee shell earrings with hearts are adorable! ❤

This is a photo provided by Dawn of the earrings my mom ordered!


I’m wearing the sunrise shell necklace, clear swarovski cone shell bracelet, and my gift shell earrings here!!

I tied a satin ribbon around it to add some boutique cuteness to it! I took it off after the photo lol but I’d definitely wear it like this for special date nights with my hubby or outings!

The shell earrings really stand out on their own even when my hair is worn down! 😃


Thank you so much for helping us create our dream pieces and being able to have a piece of Hawaii on us every day so were not home sick! ❤ Much love from us and Bubba!

If you check out her shop and see something you like (which I’m sure you will!) be sure to mention Dorene Ramirez sent you! 😉 her prices are very affordable and she is very friendly so don’t be afraid to send her a message!


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