Cravebox Pamper Me Box 2013

Pampering time! I ordered the Pamper Me Box by Cravebox πŸ˜ƒ it was $10 and was one of the new instant boxes available. I also purchased the Me time by Harlequin box that I just posted about!


Here is the box…πŸ˜ƒ

The beauty of the instant boxes is that they tell you what is going to be in the box. Here is a screenshot of the order form at the time and what is included:

You’ll notice in a bit that one product was off though, instead of a shampoo I received the Pantene Pro-V silky moisture whip. Also, shortly after I purchased it the list changed and the Pamper me box changed names to Teen time and the price changed from $10-$11…

That might upset some people I would think? I personally don’t care but I’ve seen people argue over loose change. On a positive note, if you buy more than one box, you’ll get $2 off each additional box! So my order was $18 for the Pamper me and me time by harlequin.

For the lip gloss I figured it’d be from Mary Kay since a previous cravebox included one. Right guess πŸ˜ƒ cute shade too.

It’s a creamy gloss, and not too sticky.

Schick intuition tropical splash moisturizing razor.

I can always use these!

I got another one of these Pantene pro-v silky moisture whips in place of the shampoo which is fine with me. I enjoyed this product!


Finishing with Fruit of the Earth Ultra Pure Vitamin E oil.



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