Cravebox Me Time by Harlequin

Here is the other part of my order I just posted about, that was purchased with the Pamper me box from Cravebox.

Insert 😃


There was also this envelope.




A JustFab $20 deal for first time customers. I’m already a member though so hopefully some of you will put this to good use!

This box looks interesting!

I’m not familiar with Harlequinn romance novels but I’m starting to like romance novels now that I’ve found my peace and happiness in my life 😃 so I figured I’d give this box a try!

The Harlequin Book is called Waking up Married.

By Mira Lyn Kelly.

Next are these Belvita breakfast crackers with blueberries.

This tasted good, it’s especially good with tea!

Also this Sunrype strawberry mango just fruit and grains bar.

I haven’t tried this yet.

I also got more of these CocoVia packets that I wasn’t too fond of last time so I’m not sure what I’ll do with these. I might try it with almond milk this time and give it another shot.


Metabo Balance Wellness Tea from Celestial Seasonings looks delicious!

I Love tea. Period. 😃

Overall this box was nice and I have a book to read on the flight to Nebraska next month! I’m excited 😃


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