Valentine make up look for Bloom

To create this sweet and sexy Valentines inspired look I used the products I picked from my Bloom ambassador box, plus a few other added products I have been wanting to try as well! I first applied Laura Gellar’s eye spackle pen which is a neat clicking pen and the primer holds eyeshadow well. For my eyes I used a flat short eyeshadow brush and patted and swiped The All Natural Faces Vegan eye shadow in Pink Gold on my lids and inner corners to get as much shimmer out of it as I can on my eyes as well as underneath! It’s got a gorgeous pink shimmer with subtle hints of gold! I then highlighted under the brow bone with with the cargo blush stick in champagne using my finger, then applying theBalm hot mama over it to seal it and keep it in place. It also gives it a nice natural tone too! Next I lined my eyes with the cat eye liner and created, what other, but a cat eye! 😉 finishing off my eyes with two coats of mascara, paying special attention to the outer lashes to help add to the cat eye shape. For the brows I actually tried using a brow liner for the first time from billion dollar brows and I liked the results! It looks very natural but are subtly more noticeable now 😃

Moving on to the face I applied Mirabella’s face primer, and theBalm theBalm tinted moisturizer in a medium shade. Blending it with my hands. I then used theBalm concealer brush and my Jouer concealer compact to conceal and lighten underneath my eyes, sides of nose, chin, and forehead. Blending with the brush until smoothly blended and you can’t really tell where it starts. Next is the finishing powder to help seal it in and not budge all day, I used Juice Beauty’s finishing powder in sand but tan was the only color option. Next I used the cargo sticks to highlight over the cheek bone, blush the apples and under the cheek bones a bit, and add some bronzer (St. Tropez) under the cheek bones. Using the bronzer as well to make a 3 shape on the sides of the foreheads, to under the cheek bones for the middle of the 3, and the lower jawline and chin area. Then seal with matching powders to keep that in place. It sounds like a lot of layering but when on, these products don’t feel like much make up on at all. To go over the highlighter and blush I used theBalm hot mama, and for the bronzer Juice Beauty blush in sand. For my lips I used wine organics tinted lip balm but it wasn’t available in the drop down menu either. It leaves my lips feeling luscious and soft!

Please also vote for my Valentines inspired looks that I’ve uploaded on my Bloom profile! I’d love it if you followed me on Bloom to see all the different looks I create for Bloom as well with the products we try! Thanks so much and have a sleep filled night!


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