Lovely Indie gift box January 2013

I hope you all are staying warm and healthy, safe from the nasty bug that everyone seems to be catching! Today I received my lovely box, yes, it really is called Lovely box! It is from Indie Gift Box. Instead of a subscription service they are a first-come first-served gift box that you can purchase once they release their themed box. So far the boxes seem to be listed at a steady $20 +6 dollars shipping in the United States. It came in a small flat rate box, and as soon as I opened it voila! My insert!
I was very excited to see earrings and necklace on the list, as well as the vinyl decals because I am a huge sticker fanatic!

As soon as I slide this cute little insert to the side there are these two packages wrapped in pink tissue paper.
I reached for the cute square packaging…😃


Too cute for words! I am in love with the earrings! So, of course, let’s start with the gorgeous set of earrings!
They are so pretty that I had to just take them out of the Ziploc!
You can see the texture and detail of the buttons up close much better in this photo, they also stamped a cute thank you note on the paper. These are from Pudding Cups. These are valued at five dollars, and to leave these are beautiful and remind me of Japanese floral origami and have a cute vintage look to them!

Next is this cute mysterious little envelope it’s a mini manila envelope with the Eef etc stamped on the front.
I really love the cute tape on the back, that looks like a piece of a love letter!

Inside that cute envelope revealed this very elegant classic piece that can complement any outfit, casual or dressy.
This necklace is worth $12 on their shop. It is a nice light weight necklace with a luxurious feel to it.

Also included from Eef etc Is this incredibly adorable postcard that is valued at two dollars!
This postcard is so cute that I’m going to put it inside a picture frame and put it somewhere downstairs in my house, once I move in come March! 😃 The cute little character just makes me smile!

Here is the back…
Cute store stamp at the bottom!

My love for stickers, makes me so ecstatic to have received stickers in this box! There where 3 gloss vinyl decals of great quality included in this bag from Studio 336. Even happier that I received Valentine sticker that says you are loved inside of a heart!
Don’t worry I’ll take them out of the wax little gift bag in a bit! Isn’t the little lax bag just too cute as well! 😃 I have a love for mini bags and cute little gift bags as well! If that wasn’t obvious LOL

Again look at the detailing of the cute tape that is on this wax bag!

I have already used the hearts and flowers sticker and will post at the end of this blog how I use them because I create my white iPhone! They also included their business card inside the bag…

They Included instructions on how to apply them and transfer it properly.

Hey what even kind enough to include a promo code for me for 25% off of my next order using code “INDIEBOX” to get this cute sticker in mint green…

Got a good deal with my code! 😉


This citrus body lotion from Blue Orchid botanicals is very luxury asleep creamy and soaks right into the skin! I really enjoyed trying the solution.

$5 value. 😃

Pretty label!

I love this adorable valentines card!

This year my mother and I are each other’s Valentines while my husband is away, but that is absolutely fine with me since we are so close! We have purchased each other a very sentimental and breathtaking custom made gift for Valentines day!! We will reveal photos soon!! 😉 but back on subject, this Valentine’s Day Card is from issa.ino and is worth $6. It’s got cute 3D hearts on the front 😃

Remember how I told you that I used the stickers to help decorate my phone? Well…



Here is a peek of what my mother and I will be unveiling for Valentines Day!!


Also I want to highly recommend Dream Envy‘s Facebook page to you and browse all the amazing Hawaiian hand crafted jewelry with rare sunrise seashells and Tahitian pearls! It’s truly amazing if you are a beach lover, miss Hawaii, or love hand crafted jewelry! She even hand hammers her bangles and manages to charge less than some Etsy shops do.

I’ve seen some similar to her pieces that are no where near as cute and original, yet are priced for triple what Dawn charges. So be sure to support her business and check out what she has, because once she lists pieces they don’t stay available for long!! She also does custom pieces for incredibly affordable prices and works with you to create your dream piece so it won’t be your dream envy anymore!! 😉

My mother and I are beyond ecstatic to receive these lovelies and will be stalking our mailbox this weekend lol they were promised to be here before Valentines Day so it’s going to be pure bliss 😃 thank you SO much for your help creating our dream Hawaiian jewelry, Dream Envy!!! I will be a customer forever, as long as you keep making them. If any of you check her lovelies out be sure to tell her Dorene sent you!

I hope you are all snuggling with someone you love, even if they sometimes catch you when you’re grumpy!



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