January 2013 Bloom Ambassador box

Just look at all these goodies that Bloom was so generous to let us choose and get such a huge value in beauty products!

I know the shape they chose for the mascara is a bit questionable haha but anyways, I can’t wait to play with all of this! I tried to pick products that would create a complete look and cover every part of the face. The only part I didn’t cover is the brows or lips but I have plenty of products for that!

I couldn’t help but notice how huge the Pixi by Petra bronze bloom trio is! I thought it would be a normal sized compact but instead it is huger than my hand lol

I love the shades of all of them!

I also was anxious to try these ColorStick’s out from Cargo Cosmetics.

I’ve never used a blush stick so I can’t wait! I chose a highlighting and bronzing shade. As a highlighter shade I chose Champagne. A lovely golden shimmer color.


I picked St. Tropez for my bronzer stick. A lovely shade!


I’ve also never tried an eyeliner that is already slanted and is specifically for creating cat eyes!

In Black Dahlia from Pop Beauty. It says you can create a thin or dramatic thick cat eye depending how you apply it. Exciting!! I always sport the cat eye when I wear eyeliner.

I’ve never tried Physician’s Formula, but was thrilled to see this ultra black organic wear mascara that’s 100% natural, and boosts lashes up to 5 times longer!

It says featuring EcoBlend OrganiSoy and Eco-Olive.

I was also in need of a concealer so I finally, after shopping forever!, decided on this cute little compact from Jouer Cosmetics. It’s the cutest compacted concealer I’ve ever seen!!

I even added one of the cute grey heart stickers from my Love Club box on the top of the concealer lid! It makes it the sweetest little eye candy!


To go with the concealer I also added this concealer brush into the cart from TheBalm Cosmetics.

I only have full coverage concealer brushes but have been in need of a smaller brush for detailing under the eyes and small spots so this is going to be perfect! The brush itself says shadyLady liner brush so I’m not sure if I got sent a similar brush? Either way it’s the right size brush that I need so it’ll work 😃

Lastly for the face, this cute BalmShelter tinted moisturier in medium from theBalm.


Here is a swatch…


Blending…Amazing! 😃 look at how smooth and even my skin looks! It also feels soft and smooth like my skin, not like make up or sticky! It feels great on! We have a winner!!


Comparing it to my other hand I see all the uneven skin tone coloring and imperfections a little clearer lol time to wash this off!


I absolutely can not wait to start playing with all my goodies! As soon as I create a look and have somewhere to go I will update this post with the photo and how the products feel on. I am in heaven today and have so much stuff to go through over and over again lol so have a wonderful evening everyone!

Much love from Bubba

He sends his love through his dreams! 😃 He loves his sleep haha


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