BuluBox January 2013

I received an email from Bulubox asking me to come back and that I should love the new program including their new reward points program. They also, as an incentive to get me back, offered me a promo code “REUNITED” for 3 months at $15 making it 50% off their normal $30/3 month subscription! Sooo I said yes lol and figure I can cancel if I still don’t deem it a necessary subscription…πŸ˜ƒ

I just redeemed and paid for this on January 23, last Wednesday…and much to my surprise without a heads up shipment email, I get this surprise package at my doorstep 3 days later from Bulubox!

I was extremely impressed at how quickly my box arrived, it took me a minute to register how I had gotten that box at first! lol I just assumed it would take a week or two for processing, shipment, and that I’d get a email shipment notification or tracking number. This was a very nice surprising way to receive my box πŸ˜ƒ I am happy!

Hurray! I love the minimal packaging and simplicity of this box. When I cut the packaging tape and start opening the box it opens up completely flat and is easier for me to put in my recycle box!

Let’s see what’s inside this box, hopefully stuff I can use! *Crossing my fingers it’s a useful box…*

I can’t lie, I have to peek at the insert and products lol

okay…not bad, I do love extra virgin coconut oil…

and anything to boost my immune system especially with everyone else being sick around me! Also a brief description of the new reward points system which has a cash value for shopping their site online. Not bad!


This box looks interesting!


This caught my eye because I do suffer from insomnia quite a bit, especially when apart from my husband!

It is a homeopathic herbal pill form of relief for Insomnia! Thank you lol It seems like it is meant more to treat the condition and help bring you to a regular sleep pattern than just put you to sleep. I am going to need these when I move to Nebraska and have difficulty adjusting to the new place for the first few months. This sample will probably only has 2 days, according to the instructions you dissolve one pill on tongue every two hours for four doses so you take quite a bit but lower your intervals as it improves.

An immune booster is always welcome here!

This immuno gum couldn’t have come at a better time. I tried a piece and the outter candy type shell tasted like a berry candy which was nice…then I started chewing and the flavor instantly went away! I kept chewing for a bit, wondering how long I need to chew it to get all the benefits from it lol but then I just couldn’t take it anymore and it actually felt like it was drying my tongue out! If any of you like persimmons out there, well, this would be like a raw Japanese persimmon. Tastes good at first, and fairly good during, but by the time you’re done you’re tongue suddenly feels magically dried out before you know it and like sandpaper! It takes a few minutes and lots of water to help this feeling go away lol so I’m unsure if I’ll just enjoy the outter candy coating, hoping the vitamins are on there too, and toss the rest maybe lol

This little red and black pill looks kind of scary. One single bright yet dark pill in a bag..? Am I going to fall down the rabbit hole if I take it?? Jk

Well, turns out you take it 15-30 before your workout for increased fat loss and energy. It’s called the Red Stinger Black Label professional strength all day energy plus appetite control.

I just looked up Red stinger black label‘s ingredients out of curiosity and found…”1,3-Dimethylamylamine, phenylethylamine hydrochloride (PEA), guggulesterones, caffeine, 2-(3,4- dihydroxyphenyl)- 3,5,7- trihydroxy- 4H- chromen- 4-one and synephrine” Chemicals! πŸ˜” I understand others might like this who don’t care about putting chemicals into their body but I’m trying to steer away from that! So unfortunately this will be going into the garbage can because I wouldn’t even want to give this to someone else.

Next is this Perfect Blocks 100% all natural mix.

I just tried to drink this right now with almond milk (instructions say it’s ok!), and this powder mix just does not mix up properly! Clumps of powder galore…so I took a spoon to try getting a taste of the drink on top that wasn’t nasty with powder clumps and even that snuck some bits somehow πŸ˜” So needless to say I just dumped it into the sink, the texture of it all was just horrible!

Okay, I need to recover with a happy product! I know I will love this extra virgin coconut oil from Kelapo.

This one seems like they suggest it for cooking, but I usually use it as my body moisturizer after showers, as a all day hair treatment, on hands and nails, face, and I only cook with flavors that will go be complemented by it so not too often. I have baked with it and the results were great!

Overall, for $5 this box is a decent deal with good products. Not a fan of the immuno gum or Perfect Blocks powder mix and DEFINITELY don’t like the pill! :/ However, if I had paid $10 I would have felt a bit on the fence about the box. So we will see what next month’s box (2 of 3 boxes) holds in store. I will use only 2 out of 5 products sent to me. That’s not a good ratio but I’m hopeful that next month’s will be an improvement maybe! I’ll just go play with one of my other boxes for now πŸ˜ƒ have a wonderful day and remember to stay positive!

Don’t forget to play with your furry buddies too!

Who wants the toy? hehe

Play time! Laters!


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