Love Club Box January 2013

This box continues to be my number one favorite box…

The Love Club!!

Gorgeous polka dot tissue paper with delightful items inside I’m sure to love!


Look at all the stuff waiting to be opened!!!


Here is a closer look at the insert…




The first thing I was anxious to get a closer look at was the adorable bow!

I like these style hair clips, they’re so simple to clip on and off! It’s from Summer Sweets by Summer Sariah and they included a promo code “LOVECLUB30” for 30% off their Etsy shop!

I also appreciate that they glued a piece of felt to cover the inner metal part of the clip so that when I clip my hair and pull it out, my hair isn’t going to be ripped to shreds and hurt like heck! Thank you!

This blue and white string wrapped up all neatly, that can be used for many crafts or gifts.

It doesn’t say who this is from but I will certainly keep it handy for something I randomly think of!

I love cute bobby pins so I was happy to see this!

From Petunia Blooms
They were kind enough to include promo code “loveclub” for 15% off my next purchase! Their bobby pin sets in this style are $6. It doesn’t hold too much hair but is extremely cute so I’ll just use it as a hair bobby decoration piece!

This is the what the back looks like, as well as the back of the card.


I am in a owl craze right now so when I saw this owl sticker from Livy Love I was in love!

A set of 10 is $6.50. This was really cute and I loved the tape lol I love patterned tape! I cut the white part around the owl to make the sticker smaller and stuck it on my ipad keyboard case!


These miniature clothing pins from Clip + Pin
and these cute three grey heart stickers! I love stickers 😃

I even love the cute little wax bag and mint green heart sticker it came in!

I already peeled the mint green heart off and placed it on the back of my kindle!

My kindle is happy 😃 lol

I like that I got another card because we usually have something come up last minute and need cards so this will be nice to have handy.

I’m not sure who made this but the information is probably all at the link provided on the insert, I saw a post on Facebook that said some boxes were different and gift boxes were different as well this time. I almost wish I had bought myself a gift box to see what was in the other boxes!
The front has this cute pattern…

And this cute stripe design on the back. Both sides have a really nice texture to them, you can tell this card is of great quality.


I also found this card inserted in the box for a free gift with orders over $75 when using code “LOVECLUB” at checkout before 2/28 at

Remember how I said I love owls…? Well, they must have read my mind…look at what’s inside this ziplock!

Agghhh I am SOOOO happy!!!

Love the mini clothes pin on the ear and the cute crafty look of this owl! It is a magnet made by Oak Tree Owls. Since I’m in between moving, I am going to think of something else that this needs to be accessorized with.

The back side…

They also included promo code “OAKTREE20” for 20% off.

I used my Craftistas pin that I got from one of my other boxes, and the mini clothes pin, to place the owl onto my linen wallet that I posted photos of on another post. 😃 It looks utterly adorable!


Can you tell I was in a crafty mood today? I also added to this Iphone case to personalize it, plus I was getting bored of it!

The heart wide ribbon I cut a small piece off, and cut a heart shape out. Then super glued it to the case where I wanted it! Next I tied a bow from the Craftistas piece of string I cut off, that was originally tied around the box and super glued that on and glued it to look like it’s flowing freely 😃 lastly I super glued on this Hello Kitty metal decal I had! Always stay creative, open minded and free!


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