Another valentine nail look!

This time I did a red-based Valentine inspired nail look for the soon approaching holiday!

I figured since I have this beautiful Bloody Mary red nail color from Nailtini, that came in my Ipsy glam bag this month, I might as well start enjoying this lovely nail lacquer! Naturally I started painting my nails with a base coat from Mary Kay, next I applied one coat of the red on all of my nails. I love that I only need one coat and this color is already vibrant, glossy, and looks as if I applied two coats to achieve this look! After my first glitter Nailtini polish I received from Ipsy, I’d already fallen in love with brand, and this color is no exception! It really is a great showcase of the quality behind the brand.

Also, the red is a true red swatch to a Bloody Mary drink. I feel like if I put my hand up to a Bloody Mary drink that the color won’t be too far off! Hmm… I’ve got a hankering for a nice spicy Bloody Mary right now! lol

Okay back to the nails! I was going to stick with just a plain red sexy manicure, but I was feeling a little inspired with the romantic holiday coming up. So, of course, I added some hearts in the mix! On the ring finger I added two white hearts and nude polkadots, using mostly julep nail colors and for the white I used OPI. Which came out looking like this…


Then for my next design on my pointer finger, I painted a nude heart with a red outline to help make it stand out. I also painted a coat of my rose gold glitter Nailtini polish in the background to add some sparkle!

I also added some accent designs using my dotting tool and applied a crisscross of two dotted lines (shaped like an “X”) in the nude nail polish color from Julep. It’s slightly difficult to see it in the picture but shows in person subtly. πŸ˜ƒ

To help shape the hearts I used a very small nail design brush that has a dotting tool on the other end. It works great on designs like I’ve done today where you need both your dotting tool handy and a thinner design brush to smooth out edges and lines of designs that you’ve created.

It’s great to create designs as well! Simply put a dot of polish on a magazine or paper mailer, use the brush and paint away! For me, I used this particular brush and cleaned it with my nail polish remover afterwards to keep it clean.



I need to clean my dotting tool lol but I have 4 other double ended dotting tools in various sizes so I get lazy haha here are my other dotting tools I tend to use…

I buy my tools on Amazon. I love my prime account!

Here is my finished nails look. Let me know what you think! I’m going to try and fit in at least one or two more valentines inspired nails so hopefully I’ll have time! πŸ˜ƒ


Oh! Isn’t my tea tag from last nights caramel sleepy time yogi tea cute!

πŸ˜ƒ Have a good day with uplifting thoughts!


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