Amazing furry companions

I wanted to write briefly on my furry little friends! πŸ˜ƒ they truly bring me such joy that it only feels right!

And don’t forget, you gotta…

…frequently πŸ˜ƒ at least I do haha!

So let me introduce (nickname) Boo

My lovable shih tzu πŸ˜ƒ my first “child” lol

She is 9 years old! She’s been in the family quite a while. I love dogs and their unique personalities, they are such loyal and loving innocent companions. I think she liked my workout videos on my iPad!


Almost three years ago when I moved to Monterey with my husband, to our first station location, I adopted (nickname) Bubba. So when I visit or stay with family they get to become closer and be friends! Now it may have taken a little while for them to befriend each other…

… But we are seeing the slow changes and adjustments!

The even hang out on the bed at the same time!


I’m sorry I didn’t properly introduce Bubba!…


I adopted him from Halfway to Home, an adoption/rescue group when he was 3. He’s been through quite a lot and we’re both very blessed to have each other.

I needed a calm companion dog that I can give extra love and attention to so that I wouldn’t feel alone on our move to Monterey during my adjustment of moving in and military lifestyle. I also needed him or her to be potty trained since I suck at training puppies to pee lol my brother taught our lil Boo. Did I mention he loves his ball? Lol

If it weren’t for Bubba I’d have been pretty lonely and sad moving to a new city with no one! He is a huge part of our family now and both my husband and I are super attached. He almost seems like he has an old soul trapped in a young pup.


Do any other dog lovers out there sneak pictures of their furry friends sleeping? I do!

The boys hanging out.

I love how he sleeps!!

So of course I can’t help but tuck them in… πŸ˜ƒ



Well everyone, I think I got my full of cuteness so I’m going to snuggle with my bubba just a little longer before he wakes!

I also got this cute beanie at a local shop at the mall here for $12.99+ tax!



Everyone have a wonderful day! As for me I have another eye appt in a bit! Boo :/ hahah take care! πŸ˜ƒ


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