Heart Nail Design & Starlooks Make up look

My pretty heart nails I did last night using my Nailtini from my previous ipsy glambag, and my Christmas gift red polis from Avon from in laws 😃 for the base coat I used a Mary Kay 2-in-1 base & top coat…

…and used butter London’s top coat. I really feel butter London’s top coat helps polish stay put longer. I couldn’t fit the MK polish in the photo but here are the others!

For the heart, I got the idea from a you tube tutorial from Promise Phan’s channel that I’m subscribed to. I wiped the brush twice so there is only a small dot of polish at the base. Dot and drag one half of the heart then the other side and connect at the pointed bottom of the heart. If you mess up, use a pointed or regular q-tip with polish remover to touch up the shape!

Next I added my own touch to make it my own with the help of my lovely Nailtini rose gold polish! I used a nail dotting tool, placed a pea sized amount of the polish on some paper, or plastic, and start dotting from this little pool of pretty glitter! I dotted on my round base of my nail, sorry I can’t seem to think of the correct name right now! It adde a nice subtle sparkle though and kept it simple! Finished with top coat and voila!

Enjoy! Let me know if you try this style out!

Next is a make up look I created using the Starlooks eye shadow palette I just received and am using for the first time ever! 😃 the colors are very vibrant and go on easily. I am wearing a coral colored tank top so I’m wearing fun shades to match!

I paired it with a neutral pink lip lining with a dusty rose Mally lip liner, Obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar in a pale blush nude, my cover girl prize lip stick in a coral sheer tone…

For extra moisture I added a thin layer of my be a bombshell lip gloss in hot mess from my previous Ipsy bag!!

And I’m ready for my lunch date! 😉 have a great weekend!!


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