Stitchfix #2!

Time for fix #2 from Stitchfix! 😃


I’m so flippin’ excited!!

The lovely print inside the box!

It’s so pretty! It feels like it was packed with such care too. Again feeling super special! 😃 Here is a close up of the tab in the box explaining the program and how it works as a reminder perhaps for new subscribers.


It’s so adorable!


Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! lol


I first pulled out this envelope…


I love their sticker seal with their logo!


Here is a summary of what is inside, kind of an invoice too letting me know what I could save if I purchase all items in my fix and prices.


First up is an item I had liked on Facebook when Stitchfix posted a photo of it on their wall. A Infinity stripe scarf from DDCC designed and manufactured in San Francisco!

Made of soft cotton with a hint of spandex for stretch. It is so luxuriously soft like my favorite old worn cotton tee’s…so this one was a keeper! 😃

Next is this lovely teal colored Wren V-neck cap cap sleeve jersey top, called Hourglass Lilly.

This is one of those tops that shows every little imperfection if you know what I mean! lol the cowl style ruching on the V-neck is very cute though!

It also comes with cute laminated tags of style suggestions to pair this top with! It helps me to get a better idea of how it would look with certain clothing and I like that.

This top costs $48, I didn’t feel it was really worth that much for how little I liked it so it was a send back.

This top was absolutely adorable, I loved the flower pattern of this tank top and how flowing it is. 😃

Tulip black floral printed tank by Mystree for $58 is very very cute. It can also be worn with leggings because of the length.

The fit was a little bit snug on the shoulder area so my mother who is a little more petite than I am wanted to try it on and ended up falling in love with it so we added that to our keep list.

This is how it looked on from the front…

and the back…


This top was also very cute…

It is a Arie lattice tie neck smocked blouse by Daniel Rainn in a gorgeous aquamarine color. I love the color, the lattice cutouts on the collar, and the cute tie at the neck! However, it didn’t feel right at $68, so I will miss this top as I put it in the send back bag. Suggested wear tags below!

Here is how it looked on too!

<a href="http://loveanela.files.

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  • .com/2013/01/20130116-211555.jpg”>20130116-211555.jpg


    This next and last top is a cozy casually feminine one!

    Free People top, Davida lace panel cotton henley top. Unfortunately it was a tad snug and feels like if it goes through the wash it won’t fit me anymore. These were $68, which does seem like a bit much but it has lovely laced detailing on the sleeves!

    and the front..

    Other than the fit, if it did a little bit looser so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it shrinking too much, I would have purchased this as my second item and checked out with three items. It was such a beautiful top too! The price was $68.

    This stichfix was a significant improvement from my first one since I was figuring out what size I needed lol The smalls seemed to fit a lot better generally so I am glad I updated my profile from medium to small for this fix! The tops seemed much more tailored to my style and interest in clothing which was very nice, it added a nice personalizing touch to the box. I hope you enjoyed viewing all these items that arrived in this Stitchfix and that you’re staying warm hopefully indoors with loved ones!



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