Resolutions cravebox January 2013

So it is time for New Years resolutions, and boxes to help us keep them, including this resolutions cravebox!

I was excited to receive this bluish aqua box from Cravebox at my front door step! 😃


My other fluffy spokesperson for my subscription boxes 😃 I love her lol


Here was the top view of all to come!!


I’m so thrilled! It looks like there’s a lot I this box and the weight was quite heavy!


This tea lover here can NEVER get enough herbal teas!! Yummo

Celestial seasonings, metabo wellness tea containing caffeine. It’s a green tea supplement which I will save for the days I do get migraines.

I love that they also included two .75 cent off coupons for celestial seasonings tea.

Which is perfect because I need to restock on some sleepy time tea with chamomile!

A coupon for a free Wholly guacamole product!

I love that it comes with a cute chip clip from the brand! I’ve never tried their dip but am looking forward to getting this at the market and give it a try!

I also got two more coupons for free weight watchers smart ones. I’ve had their frozen TV dinners which actually taste good for a dieting frozen meal.


I was interested to see another Mary Kay product in the box. I used to be a MK consultant for several years and enjoyed it. This time the product is volu-firm eye renewal cream. .5 oz shows a retail value of $40 on the website.

However, I am very allergic to most of the products due to the harsh chemicals and ingredients in them. So I try to avoid them. So I’ll probably list this on eBay or something.

It even came with a cute little booklet!

Pantene Pro V silky moisture whip for hair. It’s a mousse like consistency but without the sticky feeling on your hands!

It leaves hair feeling moisturizer for up to 48 hours I believe the can said. It worked pretty well, I used it last night and my hair is still very soft to the touch. Noticeably so!

Perfectly simple zone perfect bar in cranberry almond.

It also came with an insert to introduce me to the product and brand which is new to me.

7up 10 only TEN calories! Amazing! Why haven’t I heard of this sooner lol probably because I haven’t really drank soda in months! Trying to be healthier. Buuut I love 7up…


And root beer! At ten calories!!

Along with an insert on these sodas.

I would love to try the Canada Dry ginger ale.

CocoaVia packets in sweetened dark chocolate, unsweetened dark chocolate, summer citrus, and cran-raspberry.

I can’t wait to try these!

SunRype fruit source bars. Three in blueberry pomegranate, and fourth bar is just fruit and grains in summer fruit.


Overall, I loved my box and have a lot of new products I’ve discovered and can’t wait to try!


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