A cute bangs hair do

For a nice hair do that keeps your bangs or hair out of your face all day I created a French “bump” in the front instead of a regular twist bump.


It’s a simple French braid but I used much smaller pieces of hair for each section to show the braid a little bit better. (I hope that makes sense!) I just want to make sure it’s a mini French braid and looks like a braid as well, since I wasn’t working with as much hair.


I then twist it in the back where I want the clip to go and clip it in place with a mini claw clip or Bobbie pins.

The finished look!

Let me know if you end up doing this hair style when you don’t want to deal with your bangs or hair in your face some days too! You can also have fun with a pop of color, and make your eyes appear more awake and bigger, using bright bold colors on the bottoms of your eyes rather than on the lid. I’m actually having a lot of fun playing with different looks like the one in the above picture! For the lids, keep it neutral so they don’t take away from the pops of color underneath your eyes!! I used Juice Beauty’s eye shadow since it’s a lovely earthy neutral tone.

I also got a few great deals at kohls that my hubby bought me while he visited me for the week of Christmas. I got these two tops for under $5 each! Clearance baby!



My new necklace obsession! This gold tree of life necklace paired with a solitaire necklace and playing with two tone jewelry.


I’ve also been really into boho chic looks and here’s one look I recently sported. Here’s also a better shot showing how the purse looks with a boho chic outfit!


Have fun with mattes and shimmer shadows, bold and bright colors mixed with neutrals or crazy eyeliner! You are your own canvas, so take care of your skin too! I’m going to try to start incorporating more organic, natural and Eco friendly ingredients and products into my household, kitchen and lifestyle for my husband and I. What’s your new year’s resolution?


Another earthy look using my Juice Beauty shadow, smash box green eye liner and Illamasqua’s green eye liner. Focusing my color mostly on the bottom!

Sticking with earthy tones and my boho look 🙂


I also had fun playing with a matte blue based red lip using Guerlain’s Kiss kiss uplift primer and MAC products…

And a glossy version…


Have a good night y’all from both of us!




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