EcoEmi box December 2012

I received my first EcoEmi box! The bonus box I purchased as one of their extras (which was an amazing box!) As usual with these boxes, the lovely insert with everything inside! 😃

Quite a bit!


I love the satin sachet bag and how everything is wrapped like candy!


A few cards and helpful pamphlets.

I love the handy pamphlet with natural product brands listed!

100% pure vanilla bean nourishing body cream. 100% natural, 100% vegan.

This packet I’m using for my hands since it won’t be enough for my whole body. I love the fragrance, it’s even better than Bath & Body works vanilla bean Noel!

Bulldog natural skin care original moisturizer.

This felt good going on my face but it just didn’t moisturize my skin well. It left my skin dry and flaky still so I had to follow with my normal moisturizer.

Fundamental earth, fundamental face scrub for all skin types.

This is a nice cleansing scrub with exfoliating apricot kernels! The kernels were a bit rough on my sensitive skin but other than that I loved it 😃 there’s plenty for several uses also.

Tallulah Jane, Aiyana, natural eau de parfum.

This is a nice sweet scent and cute purse size!


Better Botanicals apricot eye therapy.

20130102-222110.jpg this! It’s soft on the skin around my eyes and is so far the only eye cream that doesn’t burn my sensitive skin. My skin has been so sensitive lately!

EcoDent premium oral care products. One is for brushing teeth (good for two uses), and dental gum.


Willamette Valley granola company granola chips in vanilla bean.

I’m not much of a sweets person, but tried this with an open mind. Turned out it was still too sweet for me lol but if you’re into sweet it’s nice 😃

Next is to discover what is inside these candy shaped wrapped tissues!


First is Burt’s Bees Shea butter hand repair cream with cocoa butter and sesame oil.

I loved this hand cream! It is in my purse as we speak and is perfect for the cold weather.

Tone adaptive energy tonique

I loved this spray, it felt refreshing and cool on my face. It’s perfect for a refresher to keep in my purse for a nice spritzer upper!

Organic indulgence chocolate mint lip butter…yum!!!

Love my lip products and this product definitely did not disappoint me 😃 it’s nice and thicker than Chapstick but no where near as thick as sticky lip glosses!

Licorice auromere Ayurvedic herbal toothpaste.

I have sensitive teeth and use Sensodyne pronamel currently but this says for sensitive teeth. It is very thick, and has a mild licorice flavor that actually tastes pretty good!

This box was a wonderful first box for me, it was definitely jam packed with quite a bit! I was expecting only 4-5 items but when I saw the postcard and list of products I was very impressed. Even if it was just for Devember! 😃


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