Glossybox December 2012

I will be doing a few short blogs only boxes I have received and then will be pretty busy the rest of the weekend picking my hubby up from the airport on exodus leave for a week! Then of course Christmas is literally right around the corner! So first box up is my glossybox that I have considered canceling since I wasn’t completely happy with the November box products.

This box there was a few items I did enjoy but I felt a deluxe sample sized perfume might’ve sweetened the box up a bit more..? Anyways, lets begin! Te box is always a beautiful pink re-gift able box since it doesn’t say glossybox anywhere. It’s real cute!


It came with another magazine, that I actually haven’t had a chance to look through yet since I’ve been so busy helping make lumpia and finishing last touches of gift wrap baskets and stocking stuffers!


Here’s my baby watching me curiously as I open two different boxes at the same time lol

The other box is from the fresh soap bakery a boutique style shop from etsy.

As soon as I open the box..

Glamour, glitz and gloss is the theme.

A list of the goodies in store, waiting to be opened!

Here is a glance of everything!


So first thing I was curious about was this cute little black drawstring bag!

Inside was this cute JewelMint vintage long double strand ed feather necklace valued at $29.99 which is normally a subscription box but for jewelry. This necklace is a lot of fun and I enjoyed wearing it on my last shopping trip!


There’s also this cute bag of Epsom salts from the Heartland Fragrance Co. in white tea. Sounds relaxing! I’ll save this for once I’m moved into my next place in Nebraska!

$10/30 oz

I’ve never tried Mark. Products so I am excited to try this Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in m.powerment petal! It has a magnetic tube, when you put the cap back on it magnetically clicks into place!

It’s a lovely shade also. $12/.106 oz

I’m also new to Zoya nail lacquers.

It’s a fun silver bar glitter polish!

This volume extend finishing spray from Christophe is also a new brand/product to me. I don’t really curl my hair but I do occasionally scrunch it so I’ll try this when I do that.

Ending with this perfume sample from pleats please by Issey Miyake.

$92/3.4 oz it has a nice sweet fragrance to it. Floral sweet perfumes are my favorite!

My favorite item was the necklace and Lipclick lipstick! I’m going to have fun with these for this holiday weekend. Stay glossiful!


Also beware of Costco’s Kirkland brand make up remover towelettes if you have sensitive skin like me! I normally use Josie Maran’s bear naked waterproof make up removers but tried saving my honey some money…bad idea! It made my face really irritated and it just burns 😔 so I’ve gotta fix this mess before I see my hubby tomorrow after 3 months! :/ luckily Costco has an amazing return I’m not going to be stuck with a huge bulk amount of make up wipes that I only used one wipe of! So just a heads up if you have sensitive skin like me!


2 thoughts on “Glossybox December 2012

    • Really? That’s interesting how the boxes can be so different. I wasn’t happy with some of the products in my last box. They also mailed me a free ModelCo duo lipstick and lip gloss in strip tease gift, since I didn’t redeem a promo code on my first box they were kind enough to honor it and even upgrade from the small free lipstick to this duo. I was real excited when I got it in the mail.

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