Fresh soap bakery mystery box December 2012

I have been wanting to try some products from the Fresh soap bakery from Etsy so I seized the opportunity to get a $10 mystery box! They did not disappoint their first time customer 😃

Here’s my furry baby being the show dog for my boxes! He loves opening them with me hahaha

Opening the box are these gorgeous items!

A variety of face & body products, as well as different scrubs and soaps! My attention is already fully on this box 😃

This winter scented natural glycerine soap caught my eye first with how beautiful it is and the lovely snowflake on top.

This particular soap is already in my shower as we speak lol it is very moisturizing, the fragrance is a bit stronger than I’d like, but it is a wonderfully luxurious soap and looks darling in my shower!!

Next is this natural glycerine fruity jello soap.

I have not tried this soap yet since I am using the winter soap first but I am sure I’ll love it just as much (if not more) than the one I’m using now!

Next is this salt & sugar scrub in Pumpkin made from all natural ingredients which is soo so lovely and reassuring at the same time! I hate putting harsh chemicals on my face or body if I have a choice.

I normally stick to plain extra virgin organic coconut oil for my body moisturizer and sometimes face too, even as a hair treatment under a hot dryer or as a hand treatment overnight.

This face cream I had actually purchased for $10 at her Etsy store. Unfortunately the consistency is way too thick for me, felt oily on, and didn’t absorb well so I gave it to someone else.


Next up is this healing cream in lavender. It has natural bees wax, shea and other intense moisturizing butters, oils, and ingredients. I am using it as a hand cream and it is super thick and moisturizing, but still absorbs well into the skin. It is the perfect moisturizer for the winter weather and my hands 😃

Check out her shop if you’re into soaps and products that are good for your skin!

UPDATE, my mother was throwing away my leftover club boxes and this little cutie popped out as the styrofoam popcorn fell luckily lol

It is the perfect consistency for lip balm, it’s thicker than most. It has organic beeswax, organic grapeseed and coconut oils, and essential oil. It’s a good thing she caught that!


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