Next Beauty haul giveaway-contest help needed!

If y’all lovelies could help me out, at this link pls vote for my gift wrap photo under “Dorene” πŸ˜ƒ u can vote hourly! I’d appreciate it!

This was my Photo submission to help make it easier! It is easy to find, click “view entries” and type “Dorene” in search and my photo comes up! You click view and vote, then click vote and can do that hourly as often as you want.

As an incentive, I will be creating a Rafflecopter For those who help me out! A beauty sample bag full of goodies I picked!

It will end on the 28th when the contest ends and I will announce the winner shortly after.

Close ups of items included in the bag! The winner will receive one of each. I will create the rafflecopter tonight and will post on my blog as soon as it is up and running so you can start entering, in the meantime please help me out and vote for my photo as often as you can. I greatly appreciate it and hope you’re having a wonderful day!












There is no way to track how many entries you have voted for, (at least not that I know of) if you have a phone that has screenshot capabilities like the iPhone please take a screenshot after each time you vote and it should show the time at the top of your screenshot and will state your vote has been received under the vote button. Each photo will count as an entry that you can email to me at The end of the contest.

Update: I forgot to add my email! Please send all photos in one email, to with the # of times you voted for my gift wrap photo entry so that it will be easier to go through everything. I will then count all the photos and pick the winner! I apologize if you do not have a phone that does screenshots, however if you can think of a way to prove or show that you have voted I will excepted the same. Perhaps taking screenshots on your computer at home will work as well, as long as it shows that you voted at a specific time so that you’re not showing duplicates πŸ˜ƒ or we could just do the honor system for those who don’t have screenshot capability. What do you think? I’ll decide the final verdict tonight based off responses πŸ˜ƒ


4 thoughts on “Next Beauty haul giveaway-contest help needed!

  1. I’ll probably be voting from the computer, it doesn’t give me a confirmation after each vote (or if it did it was really quick and I didn’t catch it with a screencap) so should I screenshot the message saying “We’ve already received a vote from this computer or network address within the past hour for this entry.” ?

    • I’m so sorry if I responded too late! If you got a screenshot of that its perfectly fine with me, and if you didn’t just remind me when you email me your other screenshots please and I’ll definitely count it for you! πŸ˜ƒ

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