Stay tuuned and subscribe! ;)

I just received emails both yesterday and today that several of my box shipments have shipped out including my Ipsy, a Julep, and Stitchfix.

For the December Ipsy glam bag they’ve released what’s in the bag since they’re shipped already. Included are:
💋NYX Pearl Shadow
💋Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil
💋Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes
💋Mai Couture highlight papier
💋Be A Bombshell lip gloss (I love me some gloss!!)💋muah lol
And did I mention the bag is just too cute!?? In the Michelle Phan video and Bethany’s video from Ipsy showed a cute purple bag for the make up bag but in the website’s photo of our bags being shipped shows a plain grey bag? The theme is “haute holiday” though, fun! I took a screenshot of their photo on


I also signed up for another julep maven box under another email. I used code JULEPVIP to get my first box at a penny, something I wished I’d done previously on my main maven account! I might or might not keep my subscription with them though, my nail polish collection is getting where I want it to be so once that’s complete I won’t need any for a while. I only paint my nails on the weekend so I only need so many polishes 😃

Now for Stitch fix, you take a profile survey including clothing sizes, preferences, etc., and they determine your fashion preference based off that and ship you several items ranging from clothes to jewelry or accessories! There’s also a price range preference including “cheaper the better” since I have PLENTY of Victoria’s Secret and brand name clothing already. They have a $20 styling fee on each shipment that is also credited towards one of the items that I decide to keep and purchase! Which is a nice little credit 😃 I thought I’d give this a try and see how the first shipment goes and if it really is tailored to my style. So I’m really excited for my first box! So be sure and stay tuned or subscribe so you don’t miss out on that!

Looking forward to all my shipments, or “Christmas goodies” coming my way including the next My Cotton Bunny December box with the super soft looking scarf!

Enjoy another photo of my baby today

“Who loves coconut water? I do!” Haha he does love extra virgin coconut oil about a teaspoon to a tablespoon daily. Did you know it’s safe for dogs and have the same benefits for them as well? It helps strengthen their immune system which is important for my lil guy!


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