The debut My Cotton Bunny box

I first want to start off recommending you all enter this raffle copter nail gift set giveaway! Here is the link to Lace and Lacquers link! 😃

Also I am creating this blog a little early but my first My Cotton Bunny box which is also their debut box. You can hurry and get yours for $13.75/month which is not a bad price to help keep you covered! Let me explain what it is because, when I first heard about it I did not know what type of a subscription this was or what products they ship out and had never heard of them before actually.

Who is My Cotton Bunny and what comes in a box? They are a new subscription service that offers several different tampon brands or pads for you to choose, you will receive one box, and the quantity will vary depending on which type you choose.

I chose the Tampax pearls which are my usuals in regular and my box quantity, I believe, was listed as 20 count online. Each month the box comes with the tampon box of your choice or pads, a small gourmet chocolate square about the size of a Girardelli chocolate, and a clothing item gift as the third item. For the debut box the clothing item is a camisole tank top from the American Apparel store and it has the My Cotton Bunny logo on the bottom of the Cami.

The logo looks kind of like a swirled cotton bunny tail (of course) and is really adorable so I’m really looking forward to getting this! On one video review on their website one of the girls got the camisole in black and I’m not sure if they will be shipped out in different colors or if they’re all black, but either way I will be very excited to get this in my box!

On my Cotton Bunny’s Pinterest page they posted a picture yesterday of three different scarves that they hinted will be inside next month’s subscription box! So to catch December I would hurry up and trying grab that box soon if you’re interested 😃 I love scarves lol who doesn’t? So in a few hours, or as soon as the USPS guy delivers my box I’ll post pictures and review it on here! Stay tuned!!


Soooo…as promised before, I have opened and taken plenty of pictures of My Cotton Bunny Box and extremely excited to go through everything and hope that you enjoy this as well! For starters it came with a cute little envelope inside the box with a personalized letter that his hand side signed by the Founder Tara who also happens to be the one that responds for customer care emails.




Now the Cami that came with the box was black and a size medium. Lucky for me I am a medium. I did email, previously to having received my box today, and got a very quick response from Tara, and she explained that currently there are only sizes medium and large being mailed out to everybody. Don’t panic this isn’t going to be a regular thing! Read on 😃

A close up of the logo that I’m in love with!


This is what she emailed me when I inquired about the Cami sizing and what size they mail out and how they determine sizes and what not.

“Hi Dorene,
Thank you so much for your interest in my cotton bunny, we’re really happy that you’re excited about your first box! For our debut bundle we really wanted to do something special, the standard size for the American apparel camisoles we printed on are Medium or large. We realize it won’t be a perfect fit for everyone, because of this we don’t plan on doing more size specific items until we can implement the profile or sizing survey internet site update. We’ll keep an eye out for your review and definitely include a little something extra next month. We hope you’ll love the debut bundle and what’s coming to you for the December bundle as well!

I love that the company helps give an incentive to review the box on your blog by throwing a little surprise for the next month. I’m not sure if this is something they do every month, if you review them, but I did email asking about how that works in the future on my blog reviews, so once I get a response from her on that question I will post it on here! If she does decide to keep that incentive monthly for bloggers then that is a definitely fun incentive!

(UPDATE: she did get back to me, and for each month I review the box I can earn a little something extra in my box each month which is awesome even if it’s just another chocolate bar! lol it’s a fun incentive and something I enjoy doing anyway 😃)

I was extremely happy to have received a personalized email from an actual person, like these small companies tend to do, but it’s always a nice reminder that you’re dealing with a person instead of having to wait forever for a response or even dealing with an automated response system which can be very frustrating. So onto the box, my package arrived a little bit ago today after my workout and I was SUPER excited to go through everything lol

So upon delivery, the box itself is about the size of a shoebox, has a flap that pulls out to reveal the goodies! The box also has the adorable my cotton bunny logo placed all over the box in pink contrasted against black, which I love! Black and pink go so well together and is very fun and flirty if done right!

So next, after opening my lovely my cotton bunny box, the box itself had a cozy faux wood lining pattern on the outer sides and inside lining.


The first thing you see is pictured here with the Cami wrapped inside black tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.


This Cami is adorable!! I love the logo, as much as I love bunnies 😃 which is a LOT haha they worked with American Apparel to make this. I’ve never shopped from American apparel but I have heard about them and this Cami looks very comfortable, so I’m looking forward to wearing and trying this on. The retail value for this is $14 at American Apparel

Last but not least is a fun little Dagoba organic chocolate, the same size as a Girardelli chocolate, in lavender blueberry. Sounds organically delicious! 😃 I love that its organic, not too much or too little chocolate, but just enough to satisfy a craving during the week from h*ll lol looking forward to trying that! The retail value shown for this on the card shows $3.45 and can be purchased at Dagoba Chocolate.

I am waiting until I actually start before I open the box again. I have placed everything back into the box as neatly as it was when I received it today lol. My husband is treating me to this subscription, and I am extremely grateful for it regardless of how low or high the price of the subscription. Just to be able to receive a special box every month during that crappy time of cramps and bloatedness (made up words of mine 😃) and receive a gourmet chocolate (that isn’t too big to gain too much weight from haha) and a fun surprise clothing item?? It truly makes me feel special, happy, and for the first time today I said I can’t wait till I start!!! It’s like being a kid in a candy store all over again 😃

Thank you to my hubby for being so amazingly wonderful to me. I love you sooooo much!!! Getting this little bundle of joy at my doorstep in the cute box is so exciting, especially since its timed perfectly! 😉 Then, opening and unwrapping everything is SO exciting, it’s like Christmas!! And then closing it and opening it again on THAT day as your pick me up-er is so wonderful 😌 it’s like heaven lol

I think this box is a good subscription for the husbands to get their wives or even guys for their gal but it’s a nice way to give some lavishing and pampering her way during the time she feels her ugliest, gross, and just bleh each month. We all know we crave chocolates some time during that week or the week before that. For the price of the box you also get more than you paid, which is usually the case in subscriptions, but to me this box is a personal favorite! For sentimental reasons most importantly, and the creativity of it and

They’ve also hinted that December’s box is going to have a scarf as the clothing item! Three were pictured so I am guessing it will be randomly chosen but here’s the picture from their Pinterest page. They look so cozy! I am ecstatic to be with them since the beginning and for those who join in on the debut box, if subscription prices go up anytime in the future then those people will get to keep their subscription cost at $13.75. That is a huge huge deal to me because it feels like I am going to be rewarded for my loyalty if prices do go up and that’s a huge plus, hopefully prices won’t go up though!

These were the card inserts, and I plan on doing the extra stuff under “special message” of sending them a photo of my box for a surprise gift! Will let you know what happens with that, also I’ll be reviewing them at this link.


This box is special because of sentimental reasons and the creativiness of it all and how happy it makes me feel that normally gloomy week!


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