My November 2012 Bloom Ambassador Box

So I received my box yesterday and have been playing with everything in my box lol I received the items below:
Don’t worry there will be details about each item and pictures too 😃

So here’s what it came with:
Blowpro “the heat is on” daily primer. It is a spray that goes on to hair before blow drying to protect from heat damage. It also leaves your hair feeling silky smooth after as if you just left the hair salon! Hair stylists always have you leaving with the softest hair immediately after lol but back on subject, this stuff was great. I am new to the brand, but so far am very impressed. Now this is a full sized bottle so I will get to try it out for a while and see how I like it long term and so far I think I am loving it lol. Also I forgot to mention it also works as a detangler!

Next up I had a really gorgeous OxBlood red colored nail polish called Framboise by Megan Miller. OxBlood sounds kind of gross I’ll admit, but it stands for oxygenated blood is what I saw on Michelle Phan‘s you tube video. I thought it was an interesting tidbit to learn that I probably would’ve never guessed on my own!
Again I am a newbie to the brand and I LOVED the design of the bottle. It also is supposed to have a unique exclusive triangle shaped brush for better application? That part I did not notice anything drastically different but it did apply easily, and the color was very bold, sexy and perfect for the holidays! I applied two coats for a true to bottle color, otherwise it was slightly sheer with one coat, and that’s pictured below!20121201-102657.jpg

Next was a cargo Metallica eyeshadow palette, it has super shimmery eyeshadows for the holidays. It was a “November holiday box” 😃 fun!!
I love that they can be used wet or dry for a more intense look that pops! That will be a nice option come Christmas 😉 especially with my hubby visiting for a week from his USAF training. I’ve got my new MAC reds and plenty of make up lol ill talk about the new reds in a bit! This shadow palette’s eyeshadow a are very soft in textured and can get quite messy with a brush because of this, so I used my index finger lightly applying to control how much shimmer I wanted for my day time look and here’s the result.
I’m wearing the new reds by the way lol

Next were some MOR products, that I am also new to 😃 so I was real excited to discover all these brands! I got a MOr rosebud lip tin. 20121201-104141.jpg
This has a Vaseline like texture because of the petrolatum and mineral oil in it, it also has other benefits oils in it as well and vitamin E which is always nice 😃 it feels nice on actually though, just beware that it’s very much like Vaseline with a hint of fragrance and added oils and what not. The tin, however, is incredibly adorable so I might probably purchase it again in the future.

From MOR there were also 5 hand cream samples.
In Kale & Watercress, Candied Vanilla Almond, Italian Blood Orange, Snow Gardenia, and Black Cherry Plum. I’ve tried the orange and vanilla almond so far and I have to say my favorite as of now is the Candied Vanilla Almond. The orange smells delicious too, but candied vanilla almond just smells so yummy and perfectly sweet!

So that sums up the bloom ambassador box that I will be reviewing. I will post if we have any Facebook events with the product brands and makers coming up so you can participate! Since when we hold these events there are always prizes involved for participation 😃

So I mentioned my new red lip colors..they are all blue based reds. I searched random sites for the best universal reds since I have problems with finding my red. Then, even when I find a red I like, there’s the problem of the red smudging outside my lip line or not staying and it ends up being too much hassle! Well I wish I remembered what site or review I found it on (I went through too many to remember 😔) but supposedly blue based reds are not as bright and are easier to wear. Well I found this to be very true indeed!! Finally 😃

well, I ordered MAC’s cherry lip liner.

Ruby Woo lip stick.

And the Russian Red lip glass.

Then to make it all stay put I bought Sephora’s Guerlain lip primer! The tube sure looks nice right!? 😃

And for the lasting finished look…

So in a nutshell, check out MAC and all these great brands and websites!! Also I was able to score this great Sephora deal and chose the Kat Von D make up bag since it’s in my favorite color red!! It came with a bunch of samples also.

Photos of items and code directly below are screenshots of my email I received from Sephora


I put all my lovely red lip MAC products in the red Kat Von D bag inside my purse when I’m wearing it for touch ups.


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