Fanciful fall leaves & Lovely lit Christmas trees!

During a nice outdoor walk with the two little dogs I noticed how beautiful it was outside and had to use my handy dandy iPhone to capture some of it. There were leaves all over the gorgeously green grass and the perfect shades of orange in the crunchy leaves.

The dogs seemed to enjoy laying in all of it. It was priceless and a magical moment!



With all the lovely leaves outside, delicious food being eaten and the nice sunny semi chilly weather makes me feel really into the season lol plus after doing my holiday shopping it really put me in the holiday/giving spirit!

Also I wanted to add, regarding the Jcpenny buttons, a good way to reuse them is to give them out during a Christmas party so everyone will have a festive pin (I’d save the lump of coal button for a gag gift!) as a party favor with cute wrapped chocolates and confetti (or more buttons) in a cellophane bag! Or maybe use it as a secret Santa exchange if you have a big family and write names over a small sticker and slap those babies over the “code” stickers that are on the backs already. The ideas are endless, but to reuse all the button pins would be very helpful on reusing items around us. I’m no expert but try to help a little where I can!

But back on subject to the holiday warm fuzzy feeling inside!! I get that every time I look at my tree I decorated lol it was my first themes tree and first tree I decorated solely on my own so I did a red, gold and silver theme and a sort of vintage wine type them going on as well! Here are some photos of my lovely tree! Let me know what you think!



Here is the JPL NASA ornament we have, my dads work gifts new ones/styles yearly. So…I think my mother lost some in we storage lol but what we have is proudly displayed and actually quite complimenting to the tree.


I also wanted to share a photo at the mall of the pretty lights and hanging festive decor they had going on at the entrances. It was very pretty! Not as elaborately decorated as most malls but for this little desert town it is nice and cozy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I was also able to sneak in some gift wrapping time for the second time this week. I’m trying to have everything wrapped soon!

Also, as a heads up with the JcPenny buttons and the prize certificates you can win, take the amount of pre tax so if you won a $10 gift certificate you can search in store for a clearances red tag $10 item and walk out after checking out, paying literally nothing! It’s amazing! I got my husband some nice steals this year but will have to of course post those later after the holidays so he doesn’t find out lol ๐Ÿ˜ƒ we made a fun little heart shape balloon with our buttons as a decor until we pass them out! Pictured below.


I hope you all are able to get your Christmas shopping done early to avoid the long lines, crowds, and grumpy people no where near being in the holiday spirit and crazy drivers! Don’t do it! Don’t procrastinate, take advantage of the deals and last but not least don’t forget to do unto others as you would have done to you. So be kind and giving and have a blessed one!


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