My CoverGirl prize!

My prize through Ashley Pena from Big Time Beauty and Covergirl!! Thank you so much!!! I am so grateful to have won this lip gift set packed full of fun lip products!
I won through Ashley’s Covergirl giveaway. To give her credit here is her info from my winning email notification!
Ashley Pena
Owner &Author of Big Time Beauty. For her Blog, Twitter @btbashley, Pinterest, Facebook.

Included were:
Outlast all day lip color in sweet burgundy. Gorgeous fall and holiday color! (Above)
Shine blast lip gloss in flare. A gorgeous flirty holiday clear gloss with gold shimmery glitter, that will be fun to add some sparkle to any lip look (Above)
Outlast lip stain in wild berry wink. I’m really excited to try this product out since the last time I tried a stain and had poor luck years ago. Hopefully they’ve improved their formula šŸ˜ƒ plus if it works I might become a lip stain fan! (Above)
Covergirl lipstick kiss balser. It comes in an adorable rectangular tube with a clear bottom so you can see the color swatch. It’s a lovely pearly rose pink. (Above)
Covergirl’s new CG Natureluxe gloss balm in cinnamon. Goes on like a creamy super moisturizing lipstick! I am definitely buying this as soon as I run out. I love the feeling of it on my lips and won’t have to worry about sticky hair and lips when I’m out. (Above) worn on my lips below. 20121126-131254.jpg20121126-131313.jpg
Last but not least, is the new blastflipstick in pucker. I’ve tried this product before in a tangerine reddish shade and brown. Loved the tangerine one, but the brown was too dark for my lips. This duo is a blush pink and deep burgundy wine color. Not sure if I will keep this color or gift it as a stocking stuffer. I haven’t decided yet!

I will keep you posted on all of these products as I wear them. I LOVE lip products so this is going to be a lot of fun!

I also got a great deal on these silicone Hello Kitty cases for the IPhone 4S for under $4 each with free shipping! Thanks to the help of Slick Deals be sure to check out deals others post on this site!

Update: here’s the outlast lip stain on

Unfortunately after my first meal it wore off unevenly and truly does stain lips which is kind of scary! I’m super paranoid about losing pigmentation in my lips as I get older and am always applying lip balm or gloss to keep them moisturized. Here is a photo of after the meal and me wiping off as much as I could, however there was still some left on!



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