Trinkets are nice

I got a few nice deals from Black Friday. I will post them in segments as I wear each item. I got four sweaters/coats and with the JcPenney’s. I won $50 in credit to use from all my buttons I was given and can’t wait to spend it lol I got a couple really nice coats for a great deal that I’ll post when I wear, along with pictures! I also hit up Aeropostale (which had a very cramped line system for the small store in the Antelope Valley!) and got this cute sweater for $20 that normally goes for $50! It’s an off white color.


I also got this adorable Hello Kitty compact that has two mirrors inside (magnified and regular). I’m not sure what magnification number exactly, but it works!




Isn’t it just too cute!?? At $10 inside the JcPenney’s Sephora for Black Friday I’d say its a steal!

Here are what the buttons look like that have codes on the back for you to enter on the sweepstakes website at


Here was today’s look, since I left the house and did my make up today, using my Ipsy glam bag and the help of my sample of blush from the ecoemi bonus box to blend with the grey from the meet matt(e) palette from the balm.



Since I needed an all day/daytime look instead of the normal smokey eye with the dark shadow in the crease I reversed it and used the grey, layering it into a dark shade on the lid base. Then blended the blush shade, using it as an eyeshadow, in the crease so that it looks natural while looking up but a bit more dramatic when looking down. šŸ˜ƒ

Off topic, with the Ipsy box came a flier for JustFab a shoe, handbag and accessories store and I believe some clothing maybe? I didn’t look at the whole store. I did do the sign up offer for half off offer and got these pair of boots for $20 with free shipping!

20121124-213023.jpg they arrive next week and I can hardly wait! I will probably not keep the subscription since $40/mo is not always a great deal for some of the shoes I saw on there. A lot of them look like Forever 21 shoes but double or triple the price tag. Same goes for the handbags. Don’t get me wrong there are a huge selection of cute shoes and accessories but for the price I would hope there’d be some leather shoes or better quality for comfort along with fashion like Clark’s and Born are able to. So I will just take advantage of this great offer, see how the shoes feel on and go from there.

I hope you all ate lots, and had fun shopping! Have a great evening!


5 thoughts on “Trinkets are nice

  1. HI, Just wanted to say that I love your blog and that you are one of my nominations for ‘The Very Inspiring Blog Award’.
    Pop onto my site to see the information to accept the award! Yay!
    Happy Blogging šŸ™‚ xxx

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