My lovely Eco Emi bonus box!


This was emailed to me as an option for purchase for a limited time at $29.99 on I was on wait list at the time and of course wanted to sample what some of the products members had received in previous boxes. Plus with it being a bonus box it is double the size of the normal boxes! So it’s like an extra extra special treat! lol Now there was a bit too many products in this box to list them all but I did take a photo of them all laid out on a table pictured above. It is a combination of leftover products they have from previous boxes and overstock items I believe, and wrapped oh so cutely!! It had adorable hay style paper that looks very eco friendly! Along with festive stars and snowflake confetti to make it feel even more like Christmas! 😃 I haven’t gotten to use all of the products yet but so far I have some of these:

Good Fortune’s cocoa peppermint lip balm, and it has a quote on it “stolen kisses require an accomplice” LOVE it!! It also leaves a yummy scent when you put it on with a nice tingly mint sensation on your lips..I like to close my eyes and enjoy this feeling!

Another lip balm I got to try in the box was a french vanilla adorable tin by Naiad. The little tin is like a mini mints tin, I almost thought it was a purse sized mint tin at first! This is a yummy tasting balm and stays on lips well, it is similar to chapstick but a gourmet version of it that is much better for me! I love how most of the products are eco friendly, organic, animal cruelty free and that they try to stay within these categories for the most part. The packaging also includes several various sized organza draw string bags with products inside to add to the fun and unwrapping!

The Angell candy bar was similar to a protein bar with the krispy light textures. I split it with my mother which was a lot of fun. She pretty much benefits from all my addictions and obsessions in the beauty world!! I love it, it’s much more fun getting to share the excitement with someone I love 😃

The natural lip gloss has a very light almost water texture to it, it’s not thick at all, but also in the same respect has no staying power at all. My lips have to be perfectly smooth, not chapped, in order for this to feel good on my lips. I received it in a copper shade that is nice for fall, it reminds me of the falling leaves and hot cocoa! So I’m a little unsure how I feel about this, it reminds me of Juice Beauty’s lip gloss if you have ever tried that. I like that the ingredients are all natural and good for me but I also want my lips to benefit from it or at the least feel good. :/ I’ll try this again at a later date and see how I like it again. Did I mention it is also vegan?

Natural deodorant in jasmine wood from Rainwater Botanicals. Now this is part of why I love the Eco Emi box because I am not limited to just eco friendly beauty product but also edible stuff, laundry and more. I have had issues with deodorants and my sensitive skin, I currently use Dove but have actually really been wanting to purchase a natural or organic eco friendly one but didn’t know where to start. Included were two different types actually, this one and a deodorant single wipe sample from Crystal Essence, mineral deodorant in pomegranate and is without parabens and all that bad stuff 😉

The warrior food in vanilla made an interesting shake, I used water, 2 tbsp of the protein powder and 1 cup of frozen mixed fruit after my workout and it didn’t taste all that bad for my first protein shake! I imagined it tasting chalky or might gross lol I love working out, but had a major hike I was kind of forced into and sprained both ankles pretty bad. It’s a long story lol but the gist of it is I sprained each a minimum of 5 times (I stopped counting after that!) and it messed up my work out schedule of course. I normally worked out 3 times a week for about an hour to two hours. So I’ve recently started back up again and it feels good! So I was super excited when I saw this protein powder mix in here, it’s a small sample enough for probably two shakes but it’s a good way to try it out.

I also tried the eye shadow, it looks like a mineral type and is a loose powder. It is a nice natural shimmery shadow that is great for those natural days I only want a little eye shadow. For my simpler days I use a natural shadow like this, mascara, bb cream and sometimes eyeliner. Done within 15 minutes, now that’s what I like..simple and quick but still pretty!

The lavender laundry soap lid was not on well so it unfortunately spilled at the bottom of the hay/straw filler and box but smells nice. I am not a huge fan of lavender but am a huge fan of the benefits so I have learned to like it somewhat lol I like it even better when mixed with other fragrances like vanilla! I am eager to try this out once I am at the next station with my husband in the air force.

We are currently apart while he’s working so once we’re at our next location in Nebraska I’ll be sure to see how this makes the laundry smell 😃

Green tea mints from Sen Cha, now of course you have to love green tea to like this since it has green tea powder as the first ingredient! There are 3 mints per sample and 4 samples included. It also states that 3 mints are the equivalent of one cup of green tea when it comes to antioxidants, and this is always important to me to do every now and then. These I was on the edge about, my parents loved them but I was if-y on them. It does taste like a cup of green tea which is very odd, the sweetener in the mints is stevia so that’s a nice tidbit to learn 😃

Cool calm collection body lotion in the packet is enough for about two to three full body uses. It has a nice light mint refreshing sensation after applied and lasts for a few minutes. So it’s a nice spa type relaxation after showering to make showering even more of a pampering experience.

The Ola granola was good with my Yoplait light strawberry shortcake flavor for breakfast the other morning. I also was able to try and share the organic raw honey sample in a small glass container that will be cute to wash and reuse for something else and contribute to the eco friendly theme! I am excited to try the rest of what came in the box. I will also review a really good Sephora sample bundle set, that I got all for the price of one product with shipping, another day! I also should be receiving my first new beauty test tube some time this week via FedEx. That will be fun! It is the fall 2012 tube 😃

Also, I just want to say if for any reason you have suggestions, topics you’d like me to address, need beauty tips or advice please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me either through commenting or via my other social platforms. I will enter my social websites under pages rather than posts so it’s easier to find and get to! Today is going to be a movie marathon day of random movies on TV with family lol Thanks for viewing, and I hope y’all are getting into the festive mood already! Talk to you soon and stay lovely.


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